MedThink 5+5 Webinar: Towards a Strengthened Health Cooperation

2021-04-28T16:24:24+00:00 May 22nd, 2020|

Reflecting on the health crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Western Mediterranean, the MedThink 5+5 network brought together experts from different countries of the 5+5 Dialogue in a webinar entitled “Building Resilience to Health Crisis through Enhanced Cooperation in the Western Mediterranean: the role of the 5+5 Dialogue in a Post COVID-19 Era” on 20 May 2020.

Organised by the European Institute of the Mediterranean, this webinar was an opportunity not only to make a balance of the impacts of the health crisis in the Western Mediterranean, but also to highlight the need to strengthen the cooperation in the field of health between the countries of the region.

The benefits of such a cooperation, which was deemed timely to relaunch in the framework of the 5+5 Dialogue, and the priority issues where it could be stepped up were emphasized by the participants.

The event counted with the participation of Josep Ferré (Director General, IEMed), Javier Puig (Deputy Director for Maghreb, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain), Larabi Jaidi (Senior Fellow, Policy Center for the New South), Luca Barana (Researcher, Instituto Affari Internazionali), Roger Albinyana (Director of Mediterranean Regional Policies, IEMed), Leire Pajín (Director of Global Development – ISGlobal), Ahcène Zehnati (Senior Researcher, Centre de Recherche en Economie Appliquée pour le Développement), Hicham Sebti (Dean of the Business School, Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez) and Ahmed Driss (Director, Centre des Etudes Méditerranéennes et Internationales).

The webinar will lead to the publication of a report gathering the recommendations that experts put forward during the discussions.

Find here the agenda of the webinar.

Read here the report of the webinar.

Watch the webinar on YouTube.