What prospects for the 5+5 Dialogue in a Mediterranean in transformation?

The 5th MedThink 5+5 Forum, held in Madrid on 13th and 14th October 2021, brought together more than 35 diplomats, practitioners, and experts from think tanks of the Member States of the 5+5 Dialogue, to discuss the transformations that the Western Mediterranean is currently experiencing and that are likely to structure the future of the [...]

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V MedThink 5+5 Forum in Madrid, Spain

The V MedThink 5 + 5 Forum will be held in Madrid, Spain, on October 13-14, 2021 under the title “What Prospects for the 5 + 5 Dialogue in a Mediterranean in Transformation? Adapting together to the post-COVID-19 realities”. The fifth edition of the Forum is co-organised by the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), [...]

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1st meeting of labour ministers of the 5 + 5 Dialogue in Alicante

The Spanish co-presidency of the 5 + 5 Dialogue organised the first ministerial conference on the theme of work, opening up a new field of sectoral cooperation within the Western Mediterranean Forum. The meeting, which took place in Alicante on 7 October 2021, Spain, was chaired by the Second Vice-President of the Spanish Government and [...]

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10th Meeting of the Group of Transport Ministers of the Western Mediterranean

Ministers of Transport of the ten countries of the 5+5 Dialogue met virtually to discuss developments in the transport sector in the Western Mediterranean. The meeting took place under the presidency of Malta and was hosted by the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure, and Capital Projects of Malta, Mr. Ian Borg. The theme of the ministerial [...]

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Thematic Webinar – Transport and Logistics

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted governments in the Western Mediterranean to take severe measures to curtail socio-economic activities over the last months which have impacted the transport and logistic sector. The impacts of the pandemic have led institutions, academia, civil society, and business representatives to reflect upon possible post-COVID-19 scenarios that could have a lasting [...]

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Policy Study: Mediterranean Transport and Logistics in a Post-COVID-19 Era

The COVID-19 has led to a major disruption of the transport system worldwide. In the Mediterranean region, it has acted as a catalyst for the trends that were already gaining a foothold in the region. The need to adapt to climate change, the sustainability paradigm, the reconfiguration of global supply chains, and the fourth industrial [...]

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New MedThink 5 + 5 webinar: Fostering women’s economic participation

The MedThink 5 + 5 network organised an online conference on 7 May 2021 (12:00-14:00 CEST) devoted to the issue of fostering women's economic participation in the Western Mediterranean. Entitled "Fostering Women’s Economic Participation in the Western Mediterranean: Successful Policies for in-depth Transformations", the event took place in the context of the Spanish co-presidency of [...]

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New Webinar MedThink 5+5: From Crisis to Recovery in the Western Mediterranean

With the aim to analyse the socioeconomic consequences of the COVID-19 crisis to better understand the challenges of the recovery in the countries of the Western Mediterranean, the MedThink 5+5 brought together experts from countries of the 5+5 Dialogue in a new webinar entitled “From Crisis to Recovery in the Western Mediterranean: Challenges and Opportunities [...]

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16th Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the 5+5 Dialogue

22 October 2020. The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the 10 countries of the 5+5 Dialogue of the Western Mediterranean gathered by videoconference on the occasion of the 16th Foreign Affairs Ministerial Meeting of the 5+5 Dialogue, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year (1990-2020). Organised under the Tunisian and Maltese co-presidencies, the virtual meeting [...]

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MedThink 5+5 Webinar: Towards a Strengthened Health Cooperation

Reflecting on the health crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Western Mediterranean, the MedThink 5+5 network brought together experts from different countries of the 5+5 Dialogue in a webinar entitled “Building Resilience to Health Crisis through Enhanced Cooperation in the Western Mediterranean: the role of the 5+5 Dialogue in a Post COVID-19 Era” on [...]

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